Seeing Through

Years ago, a friend of mine, while here in the potager for a magazine shoot, observed a tendency, a preference, a practice of mine...

to plant and photograph and evaluate my garden...through things.

I had not noticed this tendency (as one so often doesn't notice characteristics in oneself...but relies on others to detect them...and then share them with us).

As I strongly believe that gaining self knowledge is crucial to the art of becoming a better human being (an admittedly lofty and elusive thing) I've thought a lot about his observation since then. This desire to see and look through one thing to appreciate another. In my garden, this impulse is usually...

expressed in the form of a sculpted branch, a lattice tuteur, a congregation of stems, the airiness of a blossom, or a teardrop of rain.

In a broader sense, as a metaphor to life, as a way of interacting with the world and with others, I wonder what it means. What lesson is there to be learned? 

A want of transparency and clarity...

or a need of a filter, a barrier, an interpreter...of what is beyond my vision,

or out of my grasp... the familiar and the unknown. Such are my thoughts as I shape the redbuds, thin the Golden Vicary Privet... 

and admire the delicacy of new growth and a new season.

Seeing and looking through the frame and interpret

the other.

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