April 18, 2014


Today I was preening my Easter garden as a group of walkers sauntered by. "Your garden is spectacular, one of the men kindly noted."  I thanked him for his appreciative words, to which he responded...

"No, thank YOU.  REALLY... thank you."   So I heeded his words.

Never take for granted beauty that is created and shared. Never fail to be awed by the power of transformation and the immense effort it often requires... 

by your hand, or anyone else's.


  1. Your yard really is beautiful !!! And thanks for sharing all your words of gardening wisdom :-)

  2. You have done so well... your efforts are so appreciated by everyone who see your beautiful creation.

  3. Thank you ladies. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Mother Nature is very fickle. But when
    she cooperates....AHHH.

  4. Oh LInda….I had no idea of the change!! It's beautiful. How long did all this take? We too are (on a smaller scale!) transforming our garden here and loving every minute of it. People walk by all the time and just say how much they like seeing it all take shape: very satisfying indeed.


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