Opossum in the Garden

I hope you will agree that in my last few posts I have showered you with lovely images of springtime and sunshine.

 Now allow me to get ugly and hiss for a moment...at this creepy opossum sitting on my eight foot fence...just behind the fabulous Snowball Vibernum I wrote about yesterday. I could feel eyes watching me as I was taking those photos, and sure enough...I was right. The beady, sinister eyes of this unwelcome marauding marsupial were watching my every move.

I was so surprised that all I could think to do was turn my camera on IT...hoping perhaps that my lens and the frantic barking of the dog on the other side of the fence would shoo the vile creature away. (Husband tried to convince me opossums were cute, but I would have none of it...). And the further away from my potager (where I had seen tell-tale signs of his trespass) the better. For info on how to rid my garden of these nasty critters, I went here.

Cuz I sure as heck don't want him scaring off MY Easter Bunny.