March 15, 2014

Starting Seeds Indoors

Quickly now! Run outside and plant your seeds before the rain moves in! If not, stay dry and start them indoors.

Watch this video for some tips. Happy planting!


  1. Linda: so glad I happened to see this just now! I'm starting seeds indoors which, believe it or not, I've never really done before. I have them in the organic little pots. I'm doing Scabiosa Black Knight and the White, and sunflowers. I know, Sunflowers, you ask. Well, the chipmunks and rabbits have a field day when I start them outside, so I thought I would try this! And the Scabiosa: well, you cannot buy plants anywhere for love or money, so must do from seed! They have been in the pots, under a grow light for about 5 days, and yes, they dry out terribly. Can I pour water in the bottom of my large black plastic pan to hydrate them? I do spritz and water, but wow, they are dry all the time it seems. Should I put plastic over the pots i.e. greenhouse effect? Thanks for the advice and help. I AM a gardener, just not a seed starter!!!

  2. Hi Linda: Well, I had to write you! I put heat under the seed tray, covered it with plastic wrap and voila!!! Greens appeared! The sunflowers are already 4" high; only the white Scabiosa haven't emerged except one. The Black Knight are doing well. Wow, I can't believe it did it!! Now, to get them to grow outside eventually…… thanks for your help and advice!


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