Valentine's Day Dinner Party

I do LOVE a dinner party. Not just a buffet, but a real sit down, arrange the flowers--assign the seating-- fold the cloth napkin--use your crystal-- light the candles dinner party.

 Valentine's Day seemed to be just the occasion to throw one.

Husband and I have a wonderful group of friends that love to entertain. Now that I think about it, each of us has our own entertaining specialties: Game Day parties and Boys' or Girls' Night Out...or Pool and Grill...Dinner and a Movie or Happy Hour.

I fall, rather decidedly, into the Garden Party, Dinner Party category.

Flowers mandatory....always. More important than the cuisine in my book. In the living room...

On the table and, often, at each place setting.

  This holiday, tiny bouquets atop small boxes of dark chocolates...for the ladies.

It has become routine with us now...that the hostess prepares the main dish (more if he or she is ambitious), and the guests provide the sides...usually
specified by the hosting household.

Lovely reasons to get together, laugh, tell the same stories over and over,

 Eat too much of wonderful food. And...

 flowers....always, always

the flowers.

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