The Modern Kitchen Garden

Advance and retreat; advance and retreat. Such is the nature of our faux spring...guerre de jardin.

This week we had wind gusts up to 60 mph, so retreat to the calm of my gardening library was definitely the strategy to pursue. My friend Bubba sent me a wonderful book he knew would speak to me, The MODERN KITCHEN GARDEN (here).

I have a habit of tucking notes and cards and correspondence that is precious to me into books I know I will refer to frequently. Each time I come upon one
I am so pleasantly surprised...anew. At the thoughtfulness of the gesture, and as is the case here, the charm of the illustrations and the notes themselves.

I have a number of family members and good friends who will send me books for no other reason or occasion than that they know I will love them...or find special significance and joy in a mutual topic we both share. (Amazon, particularly Amazon used and new makes this so easy for those far away.)

This is my second read-through of this book...this go round I'm foraging specifically for small, petite ideas. Wattle and tags and tuteurs and gravel and containers...the stuff of garden staging. As much fun, if not more, than gardening itself. 

Case in point....these darling plant tags. My smile du jour.

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