Starting A Garden Library

I am a self-taught undoubtedly many of you are. Graduates of the School of Trial and Error with a major in Horticultural Hard Knocks. Consequently, I've had to do a LOT of gardening head in gardening books whilst my hands and clogs were in the dirt.

And do I have a library... As a gardening newbie way back when, I discovered that books on plants were as hard to resist as the plants themselves. I am actually to the point where I am starting to weed out many of them...for better air circulation, if you will.

If you are just starting a Gardening Reference Library and would like some pointers, join me and Linda Cavanaugh today at 4:30 on 4 YOUR GARDEN for some recommendations.

Do make sure to order a copy of Oklahoma gardener Dee Nash's new garden primer:  The 20-30 Something Garden Guide: A No-Fuss, Down and Dirty, Gardening 101 for Anyone Who Wants to Grow Stuff.  Find it here.  A terrific resource for fledgling gardeners! 

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