My Son...Letters From India to America

I love these pictures of my son. They capture his gusto...his 'take a bite out of life' attitude.

Yes, that is Monticello in the background. If you read this blog you know he attended the University of Virginia.

He graduated in May. Walking down the University's famous Lawn...lining up
in front of Jefferson's majestic Rotunda. My son, graduating from his, and my, dream school. And now, it does seem like it was a dream...four years that came and that proverbial heartbeat. 

I miss our visits to those storied Grounds.

More than that, I miss our visits to Monticello.

The night before graduation, a reception was held there for graduating students. A magical evening with a rare chance to see...


Monticello at night.

Monticello in the moon light.

Strolling and exploring at day's end...

almost as if Jefferson himself were walking beside us.  (I was clearly impressed by him, as you can tell from the goofy expression on my face...)

We had special visiting rights to spaces and areas of the historic home otherwise inaccessible to the public. A behind the scenes glimpse of home life at Monticello...bringing it to life in such a way...well, you know. sigh.

Now my inquisitive, adventurous, cerebral son is in India studying Hindi and India's literature, past and present. 

Which finally, dear Reader, brings me to this:

I want to give you another introduction to his wonderful blog 

 Letters From India to America

If this looks like flagrant promotional advertising for readership, it is. He has some writing opportunities within his areas of expertise that would be bolstered by increased readership. It is fascinating, sometimes esoteric, stuff...

but important stuff for many reasons, not least of which... is that it gives a window into the minds...and global perspective...and insights of this young, incredibly educated, bright generation. The future, as it were. 

As it will be.

I miss my kid terribly right now. He is so very far out his dreams and fantasies...on the currency of his hard work and curiosity.

I am, of course, happy for him. This summer, I hope to travel to India and see him with my own mother-want eyes

and because I now know... that to fully understand him,

I must, on some level, understand his world.

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