Boden USA Stripes and Dots

I have always been a girl who prefers her fall and winter wardrobe over spring and summer. But this never-ending infernal cold is taking its toll on my predilections as well as my internal thermostat.

I find myself lusting after warm weather fashion; in particular these charming slingback flats from BODEN USA. Find them here (and on sale now). I'll probably end up with the black and white combo,

but I must admit these coral-y red ones are charming...

as are the polka dots in graphic B&W or sunny yellow. Too cute and classically whimsical.

 Less pricey, but also fun are comparable looks from Payless Shoesource.

And last, but not least, Land's End Lucy Slingbacks in a narrower stripe. Also cute, but not as appealing as the broader selections, me thinks.

In this charming floral, though?  Spring at last.

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