Velvet, Ultra Thin Hangers and Closet Organization

When we finally got around to renovating our Master Suite, I was more than happy to sacrifice a small amount of square footage from my office to create a larger clothes closet. We bumped out the interior wall of the existing closet...a very narrow dark space with poor access.

The image above provided a guiding template of what I was going the contractor and I worked with the new space and its old house metrics. Though now a larger area, it still had an awkward, angled exterior wall, compliments of my steeply pitched roof, and we obviously wanted to get the maximum bang for our buck out of each and every inch.

Husband, just like his father before him, parodied his dad's behavior...and either out of benevolence and thoughtfulness, expectation of future favors, or expectation of future incessant nagging... 

decided it best to clear out all together and move down the hall to the
closets and bath vacated by my college bound sons...leaving me solitary 
and sated in my new closet digs.

With the accessories relegated to the Accessory Closet, I had free reign to
plan for clothes alone. Each and every pantie, sweater, t-shirt, camisole, jeans, dress, jacket, scarf and slacks I own. ALL in one lovely bright space. No winter clothes here, and summer frocks there.
Even my suitcases were provided a custom measured home...towards the front of the closet and on the floor...

rendering access for a quick trip all the easier.

L'il Sis, years ago, filled me in on the brilliance, economy and space-saving attributes of non-slip, ultra thin velvet hangers (find them here). Their slim profile helped me fit the entirety of my hanging wardrobe in its new home...

a very happy arrangement, I must tell you.


Shelving on the back and side walls hold the foldable remains...

along with shoes and purses that didn't fit in the companion closet.

Dedicated rods for longer attire with hooks for scarves and a full length beveled mirror on the closet door (saved from before the renovation) complete the arrangement.

Twenty plus years in the making and the waiting...

of a closet and one happy lady.

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