Slatwall Accessory Closet

Before you read any further or look at any images, I feel compelled to tell you a few things about myself, notably that:

1.  I am NOT a spoiled Kardashian brat;

2.  I dreamed of what you will see here for 22 years; for two sons to grow up, move away to college...and for one of them to graduate;

3.  Most of what you see below was gifted to me, or inherited, and

4.  Yes, I do wear and use all of it. Anything I FORGOT I owned has been unearthed in this, my 2014, New Year cleaning and clearing out frenzy.

5. Despite being very broad-thinking in my religious views, I continue to suffer from PTCG -- Post traumatic Catholic Guilt -- that rears its ugly head whenever I realize I am INDEED a spoiled brat to have, and enjoy, such a blessing (yes, it is...) in my life. (But the part about not being a Kardashian is true).

First, just a peak...


 for the whole salami...

My very own customized costume jewelry (and belt) Slatwall accessory closet. I designed and included it as a part of the renovation and update of my 1935 closet and master bath. Actually, it was my contractor's idea to use the Slatwall system.

You are probably familiar with Slatwall, an organizational wall grid used in retail (and fastidious men's garages) about it and order it here.

When I first set it up, I ordered a variety of hanging accessories. Some, of
course, are more useful and appropriate for my needs than others. The ledge under the mirror also happens to be...

a laundry shoot (in the middle), and additional storage on either end of its width. More?

And the excessive rest.

Notice please the new bicycle earrings. Then smile.  :)

Tomorrow -- if you're curious, a look at the renovation of my 1935, postage-stamp-sized clothes closet.

I do realize the sad irony of this, but if you are interested, read my son's
most recent blog post from India on  The Broken Tusk  here.  I promise it will make you think.

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