Nandina Berry Wreath

My, but it is bitterly cold outside. Barren, brown, winter burnt and bitterly cold.
Even the evergreens look out of sorts and resentful of this deep freeze. One bright spot...spots, actually...are the cheery red cascades of pendulous nandina berries from the pedestrian, common, but ever so much appreciated in my garden heavenly bamboo or Nandina domestica. 

Throughout the seasons they contribute mightily to my landscape. Their reliability, toughness, economy, delicate foliage, and their 'I will grow anywhere you put me, under any growing conditions with little to no attention' disposition suits me and my Oklahoma garden just fine. When the temperatures begin to warm and the days lengthen, however, the red berries that I found so charming in fall and not harmonize with, nor please, my delicate sensibility as to color and hue that I deem appropriate for my more pastel-y spring tableau. Imagine that.

Consequently, it's off with their heart-colored heads before spring arrives...and then put to use in a more color and seasonally-appropriate role. Hence this segment last Friday on 4 Your Garden on News Channel 4 at 4:30.

If you missed me and LC making NANDINA BERRY VALENTINE WREATHES, you can watch last week's episode here.

And tune in tomorrow for a 4 YOUR GARDEN SEGMENT on a  
Garden Chore Checklist for February.

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