May 29, 2013

America, America, I Gave My Best To You

Sometimes Husband can be so quirkily endearing. On Memorial Day, while heading to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, I passed this little 'memorial' that Husband had composed on our kitchen fireplace mantle...

a wooden flag box holding the American flag presented to his family by the military following his father's funeral in virtue of his service as a B17 bomber pilot during WW2.

Ironically, my father was ALSO a B17 bomber pilot.  One from small town, Oklahoma...the other from small town, Indiana.

Both movie star handsome, both brave, both 


Heroic. Heroes. Along with other words like devastation,
war zone, selfless, resilient, rebuild...

Another Husband holiday vignette:  model of a B17  airplane that belonged to my father, now poised and ready for takeoff on the garden table.

words that I am weary of hearing.  Or rather the events that spawn such language:  tornadoes, bombings, shootings.

Words heard over and over again as our 24 hour news coverage describes, relives, tries to explain...

the horror and tragedy of these events.

One word I have not heard a lot...

that was ever so apparent here in Oklahoma after the most recent weather horrors, and was present after the bombing here...

and is and was present in so many ways by so many people:  first responders, meteorologists, medical staff, newscasters, teachers, canines, volunteers...and many friends, loved ones, neighbors

and strangers.

A word that makes me SO proud to live here in Oklahoma during these hard times.

a word and trait that is not celebrated enough, not repeated enough on newscasts, 

not stressed enough in our lives,

with our children, our employees, 



Norah Jones musical tribute

May 15, 2013

Pink vs. Red Shirley Poppies

I thought I had so carefully selected and scattered only the pink poppies seeds in the

west border.  Lovely as they are, the red poppies clash with the pink, white and purple color scheme...

of the Gertrude Jekyll rose and the pink peonies of the exact same hue. 

And the predominantly pink foxglove, dianthus, and clematis.

As inarguably color-popping as the red ones are...

they just don't jive with the more delicate hues of pink shades that are everywhere in my mid-May garden.

And it really messes with my head. Because they really are so dear...and it's not THEIR fault they don't fit into my garden scheme.

 To pull, or not to pull...

the cheery, red poppies?  Off with their pretty little heads, and
out with their stems?

In the name of harmony and  garden design?

Do help me out here.  As I recall, I had this same dilemma last spring.

What would YOU do?

if you were me?

May 9, 2013

Orchids for Mother's Day

Please join me and Linda Cavanaugh tomorrow on News Channel 4 at 4:30. We'll be talking about selecting and caring for orchids, a perfect Mother's Day gift idea!

A Brief Love Affair


May 7, 2013

Shirley Pink Poppies

 The many faces of Shirley.

A  p o t a g e r pink poppy parfait for

 your pleasure. 

May 4, 2013

Before and After

This is a busy time in our gardens.  Spring always is. Life always is.  With so much still to do.  With so little time --- or so we imagine.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself, during crazed moments (or months) when I feel there is still so much to do...

that it is important to reflect on... and enjoy

how much has already been done.

May 3, 2013

Brightening Up Dark Spots in Your Garden

Need some ideas to brighten up the dark spots in your garden and landscape?

Join me and Linda Cavanaugh today at 4:30 on NewsChannel 4.

May 1, 2013

Find Your Safe Spot

We Oklahomans are always being told to

'take shelter' and 'find our safe spot' by local weather men and women.

We hunker down and nestle in to protect ourselves from 

all sorts of meteorological shenanigans.

Many of which are threatening us for the next couple of days.

Take your pick of severe weather for these first three May Days in Oklahoma:  

severe thunderstorms with possible hail, lightening, and high wind...maybe with a tornado or two...or three.

One never knows.

To mix things up a bit, throw in a possible light or hard freeze, flash flood, or a dusting of snow.

Shake (or stir) with a possible earthquake or two...or three,

and you have just another run-of-the-mill day on the Oklahoma prairie.

Good luck braving the storm in your neck of woods...