Bicycle Smiles in the New Year

My friend Color Girl makes wonderful, insightful resolutions for her New Year's intentions. Resolutions like finding more things in life that scream WOW! and relearning how to play and researching ways to age well physically and spiritually.

In my own take on this charming way to look at New Year commitments, I have decided to consciously look for things that make me a whimsical, youthful way...lest I leave a happy chance to smile go unnoticed. On this New Year's Eve 2013-14, that smile material is definitely in the shape of a bicycle. 

While out post-holiday shopping and browsing in Salida, CO, I spotted some charming cycle earrings in one of the shops, and, as L'il Sis would say, 

they shall be mine!...For a mere $8.00 no less...another smile generator.

One cycling thought spawns another, and soon I was reminiscing about another Salida visit...this one in the summer and a trip to the Saturday farmer's market in the town park.

On this occasion, cyclists were generating Green Juice power as well as smiles. Yet another vendor was peddling her pedaling wares 

of handmade jewelry and handbags...made of recycled bicycle tires.

Yet another occasion for this gal with an earring fetish to indulge...smiling all the while.

 Do tell please. What makes you smile?

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