Salsa Verde with Green Tomatoes

Growing up in a large family, NOTHING went to waste. Foil margarine wrappers were scraped of that one last blade-full of hydrogenated fat (back when margarine was considered the healthy alternative); the extra inch of grease on the spaghetti sauce, compliments of the decidedly NOT LEAN ground beef, wasn't drained off -- but, left intact for our consumption, and hopefully, our digestion…along with the last dregs of ketchup from the ketchup bottle (watered down for easier extraction) to enhance the sauce's tomato-ey goodness.

The  p o t a g e r  was blessed with an uncharacteristic bounty of tomatoes this growing season. Because of this minor miracle... and my childhood conditioning to waste not, want not … I wasn't about to relegate the unripe green orbs to
the compost pile.
Fortunately, my friend KBall had the bright idea to make a green tomato salsa with the pale green beauties, and I heartily and hungrily agreed.

Basically, I just used the classic ingredients of a salsa verde, MINUS the tomatillos and PLUS the green tomatoes. I added it all in quantities according to my taste, and served it over slices of chili-rubbed pork
tenderloin…with corn tortillas to scoop up the extra juices.

I coarsely chopped them all in my food processor, then drained the finished product a bit to keep it from being too watery. Here's what I used in my

  Green Tomato Salsa Verde

Green tomatoes (both cherry and plum)
Jalapeno and Serrano peppers
Bunch of green onions
Lime zest and lime juice
Salt and Pepper

Cayenne Pepper
Olive Oil

  Give it a go, why don't you?

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