Desire and Destiny, via Oprah&Deepak

On a recent trip to Salida, CO…where Husband's and my six acres of potential.. and future dreams reside,

I climbed the spiral trail to the top of 'S' mountain (okay, mountain-ette) and was rewarded with this beatnik piece of art, 
drawn with its prosaic message on the wall of the small white structure at the top.

Messages like this seem to be in abundance in my cosmos lately. This one, compliments of Southwest
Airlines, was inscribed in the bottom of the TSA bin on the trip home after my father's funeral. The trip of life and its weird contents, being, as Walgreen's would put it, at the intersection of desire and destiny.

These crumbs of karma, scattered at my own crossroads of longing and fate…in the bittersweet season of autumn…

have not surprisingly, put me in a reflective, life-assessing, mood. 

Enter L'il Sis, with her recommendation to participate in an online meditation program offered by Oprah&Deepak: 

 DESIRE AND DESTINY a twenty-one day transformative meditation experience. 

(sign up here if you want to join me. Don't wait; it starts today)

I don't buy into its hyperbolic promises, but I DO think 'tis the season and the appropriate life juncture to breathe and think deeply about the trajectory of life from here on out. (Having
another birthday on the near horizon is a pretty good motivator as well).

So here goes….

Join me?

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