Abelia 'Canyon Creek'

Fall is wonderful. In fact, I venture to say that October in Oklahoma is its most beautiful month. It is trite to go on and on about the quality of soft golden light and shadow in autumn, but it IS truly a magical thing...and so appreciated after the harsh, white-bleached skies during our hot summers in the South.

I especially love plants that accentuate this golden glow, and Abelia 'Canyon Creek' (read more about it here) does just that. I am currently coveting one down the street in a fellow obsessed gardener's front yard.

This ain't your ol' common abelia...the overgrown, lanky, woody one that threatens to consume your driveway. 'Canyon Creek' is much more dainty...

She has the lovely arching branches, but is far more well-mannered, growing only 2-3 feet wide, and 3-4 feet tall. Its more petite ways are nice, but it is the abundant 

small, pendulous buds and flowers that make me admire it so.

That  prized limey-green shade similar to new viburnum and hydrangea...only in the late summer and fall.

Later turning to dusty, rusty pink as the flowers mature. 

Now, the difficulty of how and where to fit this dwarf abilea, petite as it is, into my landscape.

Something far less difficult?

Clipping a few (with permission, of course)
for a sweet small bouquet.

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