The Broken Tusk

As long as I'm missing my dad, I might as well jump in with both feet and...

be inconsolable about missing my older son, now in India, as well. 

I miss him sitting at the kitchen table writing his heart out. Some kids relax and chill out when they have free time...

my kid writes.  And writes beautifully I might add. 

I invite you to follow him on
his adventures in India and around the world...

by reading his blog THE BROKEN TUSK.

His posts have a wonderfully sensual, non-judgmental perspective that makes for fascinating reading (if I do say so myself)...about places and people and cultures that most of us will never experience first least not with his degree of intensity and keen cultural insight.

So there's my sales pitch for his blog. Not that he asked me to peddle his posts.

I just thought you'd enjoy them...consider them a free gift from me

oh, and him

to you.

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