Over Seeding with Bent Grass

Timing is everything in the garden. When to prune and when to pull, when to plant and when to plan. These are things I had to calendar as a novice gardener. Now, after over twenty years of gardening,

I do most of these things by instinct. Feeling my way through the seasons as much as following the guidelines for my zone and climate and circumstance.

A little over two weeks ago, L'il Sis called to tell me that Dad had experienced a couple of health scares, but after a quick trip to the emergency room on each occasion, he returned to his normal, wry, witty and charming self...

without evidence of any great lasting effects.  Still...she said. 

At the time, I was spending a last few days with my older son who was about to head to India for a year to do research.

I had some financial things to take care of with my folks (I handle their financial affairs), but had been putting off my trip to Indiana until my son was underway, and I had removed a number of exceedingly unimportant things from my plate. 

But I told L'il Sis...sounds like it's time  to  head home.  

The morning I arrived my father had a major stroke. 
It happened just before I got there. 

Not this visit would his face light up when I walked into his room as he belted out                     well, HELLO,  Skinny Linny!

Instead, we took him to the hospital where for four days he was pricked and probed...until we had some kind of idea where he was, and more importantly, where he might go.

He was confused most of this time...primarily we think from seizures and tremors resulting from the stroke

Still, he gave us some glimpses of his old self. Enjoying a few spoonfuls of ice cream my mother fed him. Stroking her hand with his thumb in response to the gentle pressure of her grip.
Subtle, but familiar, signs of acknowledgement... as we

would cradle his head and stroke his face....rub his back, and  try, usually in vain, to make him more comfortable. I was proud; we all were proud

to be his advocate, his caregiver, his child. 

No time was better spent.

While away, I had a friend and 'grass' professional (TURFGUARD, moolyn@cox.net) overseed my front lawn. Something I normally do myself. As happens every summer, my front yard, (which, because of my large oak tree, can grow neither shade or full sun/warm or cool season grass varieties effectively) succumbed to heat, humidity, fungal issues and heavy traffic of the summer months. My part bermuda, part fescue turf looks great in fall and spring---because I overseed each fall with a perennial rye or fescue.  

But this year, I'm trying Bent Grass (yes, that lush grass of golf courses; buy seed and read about it here) thinking I'd try something new that might, just MIGHT, prove successful in surviving my summer lawn conditions. 

I was told germination would be in 10-14 days, but because of his excellent soil preparation, warm soil, and frequent, but light watering, it germinated in 4 days.  

I now have a nice blush of green fuzz on the bare soil...something I am so happy to have after my trip to Indiana. A fresh, green start.

If you are wanting to over seed your turf, with fescue, rye or bent grass, NOW IS THE TIME.  It will be time well spent.

For more information on specific how-to's of over seeding go here.

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