High Dappled Shade

I did only two things of substance today.  I scheduled someone to come help me trim my trees...the higher branches...branches I can no longer reach...as I train small trees into larger trees...in the way they should grow...to provide just the right amount of light and protection for the garden from the burning, sometimes harmful, rays of the sun. 

Because I know that in Oklahoma at least, nearly everything that grows prefers the shelter of high dappled shade.

I also spent a good amount of time online and on the phone, trying to help my son resolve some visa issues for his Fulbright Scholarship.

He is now in Greece, having spent the past few weeks backpacking through Europe. He is supposed to report to India within the week. He is a well-travelled young man, with a 'good head on his shoulders'. Still I am his mother...a worry wart of the first order, protective and anxious...trying not to straighten out his learning curve or rain on his parade to adulthood. 

As if I could. Life, and Indian Visa procurement, we are both learning, are not easy things to navigate.

And protecting your loved ones as they travel in the shadow of a world wide travel alert is impossible.

All I can do is hover in the wings...hopefully in a way that doesn't stifle or suffocate or suppress. But in a way that is protective and comfortable...without hindering growth or slowing maturity. My own learning curve as the mother of now young men.

As a gardener and as a mother, I am just trying to create an environment 

of high dappled shade.

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