Garden To Vase to Table

Let us put a cherry, preferably a pink one, on the parfait of pink petaled plants we talked about last week. Another perk of these pink pretties for the garden? 

They all look simply smashing together in a lush bouquet.

Complement your rosy posies with lime green 'Envy' zinnias and chartreuse foliage from, in my case, 

weigela, caryopteris, and coleus.

Soft green berries from nandina, and unopened buds of sedum 'Autumn Joy' and crepe myrtle lend texture and glossy round appeal.

Pink celosia, crepe myrtle blossoms, cleome, pink-flecked hydrangea and phlox contribute their ruffly froth.

 Daisies and naked ladies (yes, I said naked ladies)

add their innocence and sweet charm.

Feminine and girly is this consortium of blooms. 

Reminds me of the girly and feminine bedroom I shared with my sisters growing up...

with its pink shag carpet, pink check bedspread and ruffled shams...

and the contorted green Seven-Up bottle with the elongated neck (it was the 60's, after all) that sat on my desk...

holding a single paper mache' flower...

 in hot pink, of course.

Please join Linda Cavanaugh and me tomorrow on NewsChannel 4 at 4:30 for a pink-themed 4 Your Garden segment.

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