July 26, 2013

Sluggo Plus and Mosquito Beater

My weatherman just told me that this month has been the second wettest July on record. To which I say ALLELUIA!!! and miracles DO happen. So after the rainy miracle of a month...what next?

Garden pests and diseases, that's what.

I use Sluggo Plus (find it here) to combat snail, slugs, and my worst pest, pill bugs. An effective, easy, shake-to-apply solution.

Mosquitoes love this rain as much, if not more (well, maybe that's not possible...) than we do. Try Mosquito Beater to treat these annoying buzzers...convenient application in a hose-end spray.

Time for a garden feeding too.

All of that life-giving rain will leach nutrients out of your garden soil, especially in your container plantings. Give your plants a boost with a good organic feed.

For more on these products and additional information on the artillery fungus (that I was scheduled to talk about last week, but got preempted by... myself),  please watch 4 Your Garden today at 4:30. If you miss it, view it and other past segments here in the KFOR archives.


  1. Another thing that works really well for dealing with slugs and earwigs is beer. You just place it in a shallow tub near your plants, and the bugs can't resist it!


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