Basil, Garlic, and Olive Oil: Summer Magic

Four out of five days this  past work week, dinner started in my kitchen with the magical alchemy of three summer staples:

basil, garlic, and good quality olive oil...with generous pinches of salt and pepper, of course.

LC and I visited about it yesterday on 4 Your Garden. 

Watch it here if you missed it. We created a puree out of the garlic and basil, then added a golden stream of olive oil...

with the addition of other simple, but heavenly ingredients.

This magical trio can morph into so many light summer nibbles...(or frozen to enjoy its scent and freshness in the dead of winter).

The tiny-leaved boxwood basil 

with some companionably small grape tomatoes,

a few glugs of Balsamic Vinegar,

and generous shavings of Parmesan, heaped and melted on toasted crostini,

transformed itself into crunchy mouthfuls of basilica, summery deliciousness.

With nothing more than a couple of pulses on a small food processor.

Magical, no?

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