Love in the Mist (Nigella damascena)

One of the joys of travel is, of course, to visit gardens. On a recent trip to Virginia I came across a small garden with a lovely stand of Love in the Mist, a winsome little flower that should be grown on the merits of its name alone.

For a variety of reasons, it is not an annual I use in my own garden, making the discovery of its sweetly galactic blooms in an unexpected place all the more delightful.

(I found myself humming 'Starry, Starry Night', and channeling Van Gogh and Don McLean as I strolled about...)

Ethereal, soft shades of blue and white against delicate ferny, threadlike green foliage. I see it in a tiny crystal vase...just a few blooms in the bath or by the bed.

Want some?  Find it here.

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