Chioggia Beets

You may mistake these small garnet beauties for radishes, but no! Tiny though they are (I pulled them before full maturity after the foliage was decimated in the heavy rain),

I feel certain their flavor will be huge, especially in this recipe from Epicurious, 
Roasted Beet with Goat Cheese and Pistachios.  I had this fabulous salad (or a version of it) on our trip to Napa last fall, and it was FABULOUS!

I'm sad the foliage was ruined in the storm, because I had hoped to use the greens as well.

Another perk and yet another reason to grow these lovelies: SUNSET Magazine lists it as one of its Top 10 Energy Foods.

I assume that all of that intense color packs intense nutrition.  Of course, unlike my friend Bubba, I think they are delectable, and would eat them anyway.

Buy the seed here and read more about its history and lineage.

Too late to plant in your area? They're popular at Farmers' Markets, so look for them there.

Cuz I'm not sharing any of mine.  :)

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