Blue Podded Pea Seeds and Color Apps

This spring I planted some Blue Podded Pea Seeds  (find them here), not expecting an abundant harvest.

Partly because I planted just a few in the bean pot smack dab in the middle circle of the potager. And also because WHATEVER I plant there (usually something that climbs on a bamboo tee pee) is normally...

laid low by some violent weather event (as spring is always potentially fraught with danger here on the prairie).  Consequently, May's heavy rain, hail, and wind rendered my pretty little peas short-lived.

But, MY! pretty they were.

With shells that were more aubergine than blue...

and peas that were a limey, chartreuse. Mother Nature outdid herself on this color combo.

As it happens, these are the same shades I use in my office, and they are as effective in an office setting as they are in the garden.

Such a wonderful concept...

matching interiors to mimic the most beautiful hues of our gardens.

Of course, as it turns out,

there is an app for that!

Some of the best apps out there can be found here.  

I feel fairly certain Mother Nature wouldn't mind your being a copy cat.  :)

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