Pink vs. Red Shirley Poppies

I thought I had so carefully selected and scattered only the pink poppies seeds in the

west border.  Lovely as they are, the red poppies clash with the pink, white and purple color scheme...

of the Gertrude Jekyll rose and the pink peonies of the exact same hue. 

And the predominantly pink foxglove, dianthus, and clematis.

As inarguably color-popping as the red ones are...

they just don't jive with the more delicate hues of pink shades that are everywhere in my mid-May garden.

And it really messes with my head. Because they really are so dear...and it's not THEIR fault they don't fit into my garden scheme.

 To pull, or not to pull...

the cheery, red poppies?  Off with their pretty little heads, and
out with their stems?

In the name of harmony and  garden design?

Do help me out here.  As I recall, I had this same dilemma last spring.

What would YOU do?

if you were me?

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