May 1, 2013

Find Your Safe Spot

We Oklahomans are always being told to

'take shelter' and 'find our safe spot' by local weather men and women.

We hunker down and nestle in to protect ourselves from 

all sorts of meteorological shenanigans.

Many of which are threatening us for the next couple of days.

Take your pick of severe weather for these first three May Days in Oklahoma:  

severe thunderstorms with possible hail, lightening, and high wind...maybe with a tornado or two...or three.

One never knows.

To mix things up a bit, throw in a possible light or hard freeze, flash flood, or a dusting of snow.

Shake (or stir) with a possible earthquake or two...or three,

and you have just another run-of-the-mill day on the Oklahoma prairie.

Good luck braving the storm in your neck of woods...

1 comment:

  1. That is probably the one thing I do not miss about Oklahoma although Texas weather is about the same. Stay safe and I hope you don't get a freeze.


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