Urn Plantings for Spring

I have a series of three pedestal concrete urns that run the length of the brick serpentine wall along my front porch.

Each year I vary their contents.

Last year they held three large ferns...

an easy, straight-forward and effective design approach.

But this spring, given my new found philosophy of concentrating on spring and fall....(over our hellish summers of late)

I decided to plant something specifically for spring...

with plants that are difficult to locate at other times of the year, and that convey...

the fresh, lush, soft and delicate qualities we so associate with this season.

Hellebores 'Champion' anchors the composition,

and chartreuse lamium, tufts of asparagus fern and cascading

drifts of white alyssum...with a few small yellow snapdragons tucked in...

complete the picture.

The bluish gray leaves of the hellebores accent the aged gray patina of the urns,

as does the textural variation and soft color palette of the other plant-mates

To add even more lushness, I planted wonderful tufts of green Irish Moss,

and filled any gaps with hydrated Spanish moss to give them a finished appearance and help them retain moisture.

Simple, but elegant.  What do you think?

Tomorrow, April 5, on NewsChannel 4 at 4:30, Linda Cavanaugh and I will be discussing ground covers. Hope you can join us!

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