Home Depot Garden Club Event

If you're out and about running errands tomorrow, and in a gardening frame of mind, stop by the Home Depot on NW 59th and May Avenue tomorrow morning.

The HomeDepot Garden Club is hosting a gardening how-to event, with yours truly as a participant. Here's the line-up:

It should be a good time with good information.  Stop by if you can!

Eat What You Grow: Raising Herbs & Vegetables in Oklahoma
Kamala Gamble Kam’s Kookery & Guilford Gardens

Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers: Big Impact from Planted Pots
Linda Vater NewsChannel Four’s Linda Cavanaugh will be here
to introduce The 4:30 Show’s Garden Guru Linda Vater

From Zero to Xeric: A Waterwise Landscape Primer
Randy Marks Groundworks Applied Design

Big Ideas: Make a Statement with Your Landscape
John Fluitt Garden Design Associates