Easter in Review: The Basket

Hopping about making way for a large Easter gathering...and getting caught up in the whirling dervish that is Spring...while savoring every moment and 

miracle that IS this ephemeral season...kept me from sharing it all with you.

So, here is the recent Easter Week in Review, starting with

my Easter Basket.  We had a large group this year, two dozen plus, with some new faces along with our traditional cadre of good friends and family.

My friend Sunshine and her hubby always bring the centerpiece, a flower arrangement from our favorite florist A Date With Iris (here) in a container I provide each year based on my Easter theme and colors for the occasion.  

This Easter, my container was a fabulous grapevine basket, lovingly handmade by my second oldest sister, Tomboy. 

Growing up, Tomboy would create all manner of childish delights...fairy furniture, tiny hand-carved bow and arrow sets, magnificent works of jean jacket embroidery...unbelievably artistic and imaginative.

Sadly for moi, she went away to college far too soon...(she is now a PhD)...

to impart her artistic dexterity, talent and skill to me. 

Skills like basket-making. 

The detail and craftsmanship of her basket is wonderful...

she took full advantage of the vine's personality and habit,

then added the sweet little gift tag, "to Granmommy". 

Her masterpiece - the perfect Easter Basket for my centerpiece.

When Sunshine asked me for colors and flower suggestions, I gave her this list:


Grape hyacinth



Lily of the Valley

Sweet Peas

Flowering branches


Color hues of deep purple, lavender, yellow, white, pale green, and brown, with a rustic, country feel

Tomorrow, the big reveal of the completed arrangement.  You'll love what this clever florist came up with!  Any guesses?

                           Happy belated Easter, everyone!

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