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March 19, 2013

Fulbright Scholar

I had every intention tonight to do a post with the promised images of Helen Dillon's summer garden.

But then I got the news.

 And then I started celebrating and dispensed with the notion of being even remotely productive.


My wonderful, brilliant, open-to-everything, tenacious, intellectually insatiable son

had just been notified that he had been named


I tried to find an appropriate picture of my boy to accompany this post...

but came across this one...

And decided it was more appropriate...because truly...it takes
a village to make a Fulbright Scholar (read about the program here)...and this is the village

that made THIS one...(he is on the far left.)

Congratulations family.  I am so proud of you.


  1. Congratulations to your son! I know you are proud of both of them. Oh, and btw, you have a very handsome family.

  2. Indeed it does take a family, dear Linda (and yours very handsome!)

    Congratulations one and all!


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