Easter Vigil

It is March 26, five days  from Easter Sunday. I look out my office window, holding my breath...

after an anxious vigil last night as temperatures dipped into the low 20's  threatening the spring show.

Soon, I'll venture outside to see what damage, if any, was suffered...

by the early tulips, the pansies, phlox, azaleas, lettuces, chamomile and hellebores

that are already in bloom.

I covered the flats of foxglove, snapdragons, dianthus and canterbury bells I had seeded and grown for this spring.

I'd hoped to get them tucked away in their earthy homes before the cold blast hit, but no such luck.

I actually think all the little darlings will be fine, though they will need some warmth (but not TOO quickly) to perk up...and some serious deadheading for the pansies

Read more about freezing temperatures affect plants here.


The hellebores will shake off the freeze, no problem.

As always, the biggest worry is my beloved hydrangeas. Only time will tell.

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