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February 28, 2013

Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Mac

If any of you are like me (digitally challenged, to say the least) you may also be trying to figure out how

to remove duplicate images from IPhoto and Aperture.

There is no straightforward way in the program itself to do this...

but you CAN (my Apple genius told me).... get an app for that!  

Try the  Duplicate Cleaner for Iphoto for Mac (here) .

Before installing this FREE app, I read the reviews, and was prepared (as is usually the case when I try to fly techno-solo on my mac) to be frustrated, exasperated, and extremely irritated.

But surprisingly, NOT SO!  It worked like a dream, removed over 1000 duplicates from my library, and freed up all sorts of space.  Just remember to:

Close all other applications and windows

Temporarily turn off photo stream  

Try it more than once, if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

If it solves the problem for you...

my job is done.  :)

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