This is how my front yard looked this past fall after I added an additional section to the flower bed along the drive on the east side.

I wanted it to connect seamlessly both in line and content with the existing that has been in place for almost twenty years.

You can see it here from various vantage points and, and judge for yourself how successful I was.

In very little time, with constant tweaking and additional planting on my part,

cooperation from rapidly growing plants, and prodding from copious amounts of organic fertilizer and a beneficent Mother Nature,

things filled in beautifully and this gardener was pleased.

Especially given the marked improvement over how it looked in August before I removed sections of pythium-stricken (a fungus), water-guzzling, (okay, let's just say it, dead)  fescue...

and a cycle that is as regular as the seasons in my landscape...the severity of the late summer ugliness increasing each year with the rise in extreme temperatures and extreme drought. 

Part of this cycle has been to reseed this area each fall (it is too shady to support tougher turf) after aerating and topdressing with compost.  

A lot of work, a lot of frustration, a lot of irritation...

and a lot of expense. In a fit of exasperation, I scruffed off the little remaining grass in the area, 

amended, loosened and bermed the soil

and (voila!...okay, it took a lot more effort than that...)

created the new bed. I did a video about the process for Lowe's. (watch it here or below.)

This is what the area looks like now and I can't wait to see it unfold this spring.

Already I love the balance, the symmetry, the mirrored image...the clean lines of the droplet of grass.

The remaining issue will be:

do I still love it in August?

Stay tuned.

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