Bustani Plant Farm and the God of Second Chances

 I've been hearing a commercial on television lately by a morally wayward politician who is now trying to restore his political career and good name.  He refers to 'A God of Second Chances'  in his entreaty for forgiveness and understanding.  I'm not sure about his sincerity or his chances for a second act, but I HAVE been thinking about this 'God-of-Getting-Another-Stab-at it'...

a deity that I also pray to each spring...in gratitude and anxiety...over another new season in the garden.

 So today, I am petitioning this God to be a beneficent one in the gardening season of 2013.

Just in case there is a little static in the connection, I'm not leaving anything to chance (doing what is within MY power) and ordering some tough as nails specimens from BUSTANI PLANT FARM (get a catalog here).

To quote them:  " We are always looking for the best performing plants for Oklahoma and the surrounding region and often travel to countries with similar climates."


So my strategy for this year:  identify plants and flowers I can't live without in my English garden (or at least the look I can't live without...) and find tough doppelgängers that will provide the same effect, but can handle our rough and tumble summers.  The beautiful silver foliage above is from G. Rudebeckia maxima (Giant Coneflower), a perennial I bought from them a couple of years back.  

The huge powder blue leaves are reason enough to grow this plant, though it puts out dramatic, long-stemmed yellow blooms.  A perfect addition to my garden... since apparently English gardeners love it, but have trouble growing it....

because it doesn't get HOT enough...

Ohhhh, the irony, the irony.

Tomorrow, other plants on my Bustani order form. :)

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