Boden and the Duchess

Images compliments of  Boden, U.S.A

I can't remember how I first discovered BODEN, a clothing company out of Britain that is a combination of 

unique (and often in polka-dot)

fashionability. Over the years, I've ordered quite a bit from them...usually when a coveted item is on sale...and when they offer free shipping and free returns.

I am especially fond of their knits...comfortable wrap dresses and tunic tops that are among my favorite wardrobe go-to's. 

A package from them, not unlike opening an Apple product, is not just an exercise in unwrapping a box,

rather an experience that begins with their witty instructions on the outside of the the colorful tissue paper within... to their excellent customer service...

and finally the goods themselves...

happy, comfortable, unique apparel that,

satisfyingly, I don't see everywhere, on everyone.

Order a Boden Catalog here to share in the fun.

Ever the older sister, I often point L'il Sis in the direction of Boden buys for her.  

She recently had to thank me big time for selecting a darling swing jacket and a cotton top for her (I only suggest...I don't PAY, she would point out...)

She told me how much she LOVES getting her Boden packages...

addressed, she tells me delightedly,

to:  THE DUCHESS L'il Sis

(you too can be a Duchess, or an Admiral, or Baron, or Countess, or Viscount...just indicate the appropriate title when placing an option I too find delightful. 

How does 'Madame Potager' sound?)