Zen Resolutions

Things have a way of stacking up, don't you think?

Last week I was quizzing a friend about his intent, or lack of, to make New Year's resolutions.  He responded no, he did not, and inquired the same of me.

So I shared that indeed, I did...every year...a great many.  In categories, and sub-categories, and sub/sub- categories.  I have a lot to resolve, quite obviously.  All of these imperfections require a commensurate resolution (despite studies indicating that the more
resolutions we make, the less likely we are to keep them).

Before I know it, they all stack up on me and I am forced to tease out
the one; I mean THE ONE!, that is the common denominator in this outline of intentions for the year ahead.

k e e p    i t    s i m p l e

Be just a little more zen, a little more realistic, a little (okay, a lot) less frantic about life.

So I give you a great blog in that regard, Zen Habits, and its important missives on life's excesses, frustrations, and demands. 

I consider self-awareness to be one of the most important character traits one can possess, and I am very aware that I am easily, and often inappropriately, overwhelmed.  A little zen helps.  Good luck with your resolutions in 2013!

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