Flower Power

I have special areas in my home where I like to have fresh cut flowers...or maybe a flowering plant...at all times.  Like right by the door that I, and my guests and family, go in and out of every day. Or the bar, or my bedside table, or bathroom mirror.

It gives me joy.  Makes me smile. Connects me with nature. Flowers do that, of course...why we love them so.

Sometimes the arrangements are full and fussy and composed. More often, they are just bunched or plucked and put in a pitcher or vase or basket.

But regardless of their their placement or provenance (from the garden, grocer, or florist), the arrangements always share a few things in common.

They are, for the most part, seasonal.  No sunflowers in January or tulips at Christmas.

No special occasion is necessary. 
Any ol' day of the week or month will do. I especially like to put them out right after I've cleaned  ...as both incentive and reward.

I like to repeat a theme.
If I have a huge floral arrangement on my book table, I will probably have a smaller version of the same  (or one of its components) elsewhere in the vicinity.  A baby echo of the grander display...(and...a reminder to go into the living room and appreciate the more dramatic composition while it is still fresh!)

 Guests are not required.  While am always happy if fresh flowers please my guests, let me be honest

I do it for myself first and foremost. As should you I think!

There are few, if any, guarantees in life.  But this is one of them.

Fresh flowers have the power to delight us.

Why not join LC and me tomorrow on NewsChannel 4 at 4:30?  We'll be putting together a cut flower tool caddie  :).