A Beautiful Place to Die

A while back I was telling L'il Sis about a string of movies I had just seen on tv. Only after some reflection did I realize all of the films had a common theme:

main characters dying in exquisitely beautiful places.

I can't tell you any specifics about the plots or the people or their respective raisons de morte, 

but I can tell you that the views they enjoyed while expiring were pretty wonderful.

There was that one movie with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey...

you remember...both of them sitting in deck chairs overlooking the sand and sea and crying to "You are The Wind Beneath my Wings"...

And another movie about a young man dying of aids...cared for by his loving companion.

Both of them, sadly and resignedly gazing out over a breath-taking expanse

of violescent vineyards and rolling hills.

In the last movie, a pale and wistful Susan Sarandon spent a good amount of time

(requisite throw in lap, of course) 

sitting stream side,

enjoying its babbling sounds and the gentle wind blowing through the gilded canopy of towering trees.


So I told L'il Sis that

though I wasn't ready to use it any time soon, 

I too wanted to own an exquisitely beautiful place to die.


She asked me why my own garden didn't serve the purpose, and I told her (acknowledging the back-handed compliment),

that, indeed, it was beautiful. But not reliably  so. And it required way too much effort on my part to make it that way. (I am just guessing here, but I think that effort stuff will be in fairly short supply near the end.)  

 (Soon thereafter, Husband and I acquired our beloved mountain view property in Salida, CO.  I am a planner. )

She then said it was funny that I should bring UP the topic, because that very week (during one of my mom's stays at L'il Sis' house), our mother confided  

that L'il Sis' sunroom was so beautiful and peaceful,

 she could just DIE there.

My sister agreed, and said that she, too, had thought of that (so fond of her sunroom is she).  In fact, a male friend of hers had seconded the idea...

at which point L'il Sis had an idea of her own.

Maybe she could rent out space to all of those who would like to make their last passage on her very peaceful porch.

(My best 'Salida Sal' expression.  Just practicing.)

As our conversation continued about her idea,  she asked me what I thought of this business

Ever the romantic

and after thinking for a moment) I knowingly responded...

...you're gonna need more outlets, Dear.