"The It's All Right Here" Organizer

Ah, gift giving. Tis the season of course. Shopping for loved ones...often including ourselves in that category.

All of those sales and deals out there incite seasonal outbreaks of 'one for you, two for me...'  holiday shopping. 

This Thursday is my birthday, and I have been working for the past couple of days (months, really) on a birthday gift for myself, and Husband (whose birthday is also this month.) 

It's one of those gifts I'll be so happy to have, but has been a real trial in the making.

This summer (after dealing with many of my parents' health, home and financial issues), I resolved to deal with some of my own.  Or mine and Husband's that is.

I resolved to tackle, organize, and address all of those sticky financial matters, decisions, documents, and (whereabouts there of) that always seem to escape our attention.

Because it is no fun, frustrating to do, scary to consider, and a real pain in the you know what.

But that when done,

will give us tremendous peace of mind...

and be a great gift to our children as well as ourselves.

LC told me about a workbook of sorts, 

(order it here)

as a tool to get started. I am methodically working my way through living wills, safe deposit box inventories, long term care policies, and end of life decisions.

Whereabouts of birth certificates, keys, passports, savings bonds, and on and on.  With maps to their location for significant others.  WHEW!

Decidedly NOT fun, I must tell you, but I am happy to report that I am making headway.  Not yet smug, because there is still much to do...but significant headway, nevertheless.  Enough to feel much greater peace of mind on 
my birthday.  Sometimes to feel better we have to feel worse for a while.

(BTW, this beautiful, stately concrete Father Christmas was a gift from some gardening friends last year.  He is now holding court along side my Christmas tree.  Much more fun to receive than a tedious ol' workbook, I might add.)

Oh...L'il Sis' Lady Grace is getting in the Christmas spirit too. Helping out with the twinkle lights, she is.

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