Jon Stewart and Stealing Christmas

"Christmas is getting so big it's starting to eat the other holidays."  
Jon Stewart

Jeez! Yes, Christmas now starts around Halloween, has pretty much
devoured Thanksgiving (MUCH to my dismay), and now, and NOW

it is December 4 and I am forced to run the a/c in my car, dig out my anti-humidity hair spray (humidity galore, but no rain), and anguish over my tulips (just planted a couple of weeks ago) that are ALREADY STARTING TO COME UP IN MY FRONT FLOWER BEDS!

The grass couldn't be any greener,

the pansy bloom any heavier,

the unseasonable clematis blossoms any larger.

I am beginning to think that, yes,


the Grinch DID steal Christmas.

And then hid it.

Behind a big ol' Easter egg.

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