Making Magic 101: Thanksgiving 2012

There are no college courses for it.  No pre-requisites.  No specific chapter entitled 'Making Holiday Magic 101' in the plethora of books and magazines out there by this or that domestic guru.

And yet, it is the very essence of what we try to create when we gather together to celebrate an occasion, a season... a reason to share happiness with one another.

We cook and we shop and we set the table and we take pictures. We respect old traditions and make new ones...

we attempt, as my older sister says, to "make sure everyone's needs are met", if not their dreams or high expectations.

We discover that Norman Rockwell schtick is pretty hard, if not impossible. to pull off.

But try we do...even if (as Color Girl and I were discussing last week) the holidays can sometimes be,

well, just flat out inconvenient some years.

But elusive as it is,

when the stars are in alignment,  the kids are home, all are healthy

(and mom is in a good mood)

we can make magic.

Here's to a magical holiday season, everyone.