Fiat 500 Cabrio

Unlike my friend Sunshine, I have never considered myself a 'car person'.  Get me from here to there...give me good mpg, an ample cup holder...a nice looking, but decidedly not ostentatious vehicle...economical, practical, clean and hail-dent free (always an extra goody here in stormy Oklahoma), and I am good to go (so to speak).

I have, at various times and for varying reasons over the years, driven: three different VW bugs, a Volvo station wagon, an Isuzu Trooper, a sage green Jaguar, two or three unexceptional company business cars, 

and, most recently, a much-loved, rust colored  (one of the first to appear, I might add...) Honda Element... 

and now,

quite unexpectedly,

an adorable,

Inspector Clouseau-inspired


verdigris (or dark olive) with

khaki roof, cabriole topped,

40 mpg, 

5 star safety rated,

zippy handling, 

droplet (like a similarly colored Land Rover we once owned) of a car,



And, my, but I do love her.

It's always so nice to make a purchase

and have friends say, "Oh, it's so YOU!"  or "I knew right away that was your new car!",  or

"It matches your hair!" 

(Okay, not quite sure what that one meant, but I'll assume it was a compliment...).

Because we want to feel as if we have spent our money well,

that our personality approves and was consonant  with the purchase,

that "cute" and "practical" can go hand in hand,

and that even though we may have loved our previous companion (i.e. my sweet and boxy Honda Element that chauffeured no end of plants and dirt and kids over the past eight years),

it's time to make a, finances, and garden permitting, of course.

L'il Sis and a few of my friends have told me that I simply MUST name her.  At such a young age it is IMPORTANT to give her a moniker to live up to, a persona...

a disposition, if you will.  So, in reference to how I first described her to Husband...

and as an homage to a dear, tee-tinsy aunt of the same name...

and because I think it reflects her perky and practical nature, I have dubbed her (drum roll please...)


With a small 'd' because that is how I see her in my head.

We shall have many adventures, the two of us.

We won't be touring the Italian countryside, wind whipping through our hair and all,


I've not doubt we will have experiences full of

charm, laughter, companionship, and 

little delights.

Tally ho,  dot!

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