Dover Saddlery 'Muck' Boots

We had a gloriously wet and rainy couple of days this past weekend.  Lots of blessed moisture that our gardens dearly loved and that almost pulled us out of this year's drought.

Consequently, I spent much of this time mucking around  the garden and about town, in my Dover Saddlery Rubber Boots. (Find them here.)

I've had them for years; I think at least ten or so.
I saw them in an IN STYLE of their style-for-less feature products I think.  Around $60.00 for a virtually indestructible pair of equestrian vibe wellies.

I get asked about them a lot - one of my trademark pieces I guess - so I thought I'd share their source with you.  I wear them with everything:  jeans, skirts, leggings. Great for both slogging in the dirt and as a fashion statement...and also for channelling your fourth grade self who undoubtedly was a horse nut...whether or not you had a horse...I didn't :( .

I'm wearing them in this picture and you can see how high up the calf they rise...roomy enough to tuck in even bulky jeans.

The inside is lined with a cushy, spongey material that makes them ever so comfortable. You can literally hose them down and they look brand new.

For more equestrian inspired ideas, check out one of my new favorite blogs here on HOUSE APPEAL... a fun, October-ish way to spend a few minutes of the day.

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