Something about fall, maybe because it's back to school time, makes me crave a new pair of eyeglasses. 

I want to feel studious...in the spirit of the season.

This summer at the family reunion, my hip nephew had on a pair of great glasses...

and that was how I was introduced to Warby Parker.  After that introduction it seemed everyone but me knew about them. As their website explains, they are

A new concept in eyewear

i.e. a really cute pair of boutique style glasses you can buy on-line for a great price (they retail for just $95.00).  Including lenses.

You can even select five sample frames to try on at home....completely free of charge, including shipping.... before you commit.  Here in OKC, we are EXTREMELY fortunate to have a showroom (something I didn't discover until after I requested my five samples.)

You can find them at SHOP GOOD, 3 NW 9th Street, in Mid-town...a great little store whose entire inventory represents a product that in some way "gives back".

In Warby Parker's case, that means that for every pair of glasses you purchase, they donate

a pair to someone in need.

The most difficult part, of course, is deciding on the frame.

I was initially partial to Huxley here.  In a dark tortoise.

Then I tried on other options...Crosby, Winston, Preston...

before Roosevelt eventually stole my heart.

Husband took my picture stylin' the Roosevelt...

first, goofily posing and smiling.

Then goofily frowning, but still maintaining my best Miss America stance.

All in all, a fun way to spend a fall afternoon.  If you want to check out some new frames yourself, visit Warby Parker and see what they have to offer.

I just love fall, don't you?

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