The Potting Shed

Cooler weather makes me frisky.  Feeling frisky makes me more productive in the garden.

So does a well organized, well stocked, well thought out Potting Shed like this one here.

Perfect for puttering.

This beauty with its rustic charm and enviable neatness is at a small nursery in Buena Vista, CO.

I love everything about it...the siding, trim color, metal roof...size and scale.

Not to mention the good looking and practical shelving.
All things to make a gardening enthusiast drool.
Ahhh.  Love it.

This one, also in Colorado, is equally as lust-worthy and tidy. 

Notice the gravel surrounding economical, common sense surface solution.

Hanging chilies and a warn painted door make it even more delicious.

My modest potting area is not nearly as Rockies in the background after all. But it meets my work space requirements:

* A covered area for my long-handled tools

* Shelving for pots and miscellany

* Large bins for soil and gravel (I use galvanized metal washtubs with drainage holes.  They rest on a metal stand at waist height. I keep the drainage holes clear with dowel rods.)

* A grab and go grid for holding hand tools...I don't like to dig around in a bucket or some such...too lazy  

* And last but not least, a potting bench wide enough to hold large containers

Of course, it would be nice if the whole working area were more spacious (and a covered greenhouse would be sheer bliss) but we work with what have, now don't we? 

The lattice 'closet' for my shovels, etc.was copied from an illustration I saw in the delightful book Mrs. Whaley's Charleston Garden.  If you haven't read it, you simply MUST.  Find one here.

For a few more potting shed tips and talk, watch this video from a 4 Your Garden segment LC and I did a couple of months ago.

Oh, one more requirement.  A little shade...just in case it's 113 sweltering degrees again.

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