September 15, 2012

Skin Care, Part II: Morning Ritual

So let's talk serums, shall we?  I prefer them to creams, which I find too heavy, especially since my daily routine consists of layering one product over another...and for this, serums work for me.  Especially since I have slightly oily skin ( a good thing, I've discovered as I age).  

Morning Routine:  After cleansing, I start layering, letting each potion soak in and dry before applying the next product.  Not as time consuming as you'd think.  I just execute other morning rituals (brushing my teeth, making the bed, getting a second cup of coffee) in between.  

(For my rosacea-prone skin, I start out with a thin application of Metrogel, but most of you will begin with  an Anti-oxidant.)

I like BOSKE DERMACEUTICALS Alchemist C, Vitamin C Blend for combination to oily skin.  Find it here.  (Or on EBay where I usually find it for a lot less...true of most of these products.)  Another option, almost identical (but pricier) is Skinceutical Ferulic C Serum.  Find it here

If you have delicate skin like mine, you may want to start out with a somewhat milder, but effective, anti-oxidant.  In this case, try Replenix Power of Three Serum (I recommend all of the Replenix products).  Find it here.

It is especially important (according to 'experts), that you let this layer absorb into the skin...I'm not sure why, but I do as I'm told...well, sometimes I do.

Finally, I apply a layer of Skinceutical's B5 Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum. Find it here.  I also use this at night...which I'll talk about in my next post, SKIN CARE, PART III  Night-time rituals.

Oh!  After all of this don't forget the final, final, application of that sunscreen.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I am the one who asked you about your skin care earlier this week at our W&S garden club tour at your beautiful yard. You mentioned that you were using something other than Metrogel for your rosacea now, but I didn't get the name. Could you please share that with me? I have ordered the Roc Retinol Night cream for sensitive skin and the Neutrogena Liquid Sun Screen. I was wondering if you are still also using the Boske, Replenix, and Skinceutical products that you listed in your blog Skin Care, Part II? I couldn't find your Skin Care Part III. Thanks so much for sharing. You have beautiful skin as well as a beautiful yard!
    Lori Hill


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