L'Il Sis, Lady Grace, and the Opossum

L'il Sis and her dog, Lady Grace, have a large and beautiful back yard. Lots of trees, lots of space, lots of running room.

A very welcoming area.

So thought the opossum that decided to hop their wooden picket fence and prevail on their hospitality.

Tragically, sadly, and yes, let's be honest here...

pretty disgustingly,

the opossum didn't quite make it over the fence.

Let's just leave it at that.

Except to say that blood, and lots of it, was involved...

and ultimately, so was Animal Control, after L'il Sis placed a 911 call to them.

Not having any previous experience with the agency, she had rather low...expectations (teeth and hair optional) of their services. 

Anyhoo, L'il Sis said the WOMAN who ultimately showed up to dispatch the opossum couldn't have been more professional, compassionate and competent.
L'il Sis was quite impressed (and a little humbled).

Now...to the point of this story.

After the woman left, L'il Sis took the time and effort to contact the agency and let them know what a stellar employee they had; how much she appreciated her professionalism; and how happy she was that her tax dollars were
going to support such skill and proficiency.

Needless to say, the person who took the call was VERY appreciative of the call ("You made my day!"), and the time and thoughtfulness behind the gesture.

L'il Sis also asked for the name of the woman's supervisor so she could write a follow up letter documenting her positive experience.

I love this about my baby sister. I love the graciousness of the gesture. I love
that it sums up her nature. I love that she recognizes how important it is to
acknowledge the good work of others. I love that she knows kindness is a gift that keeps on giving and that someone has to start the process.

She learned this from my mother who was a wonderful role model in this regard. So considerate, so kind, so appreciative.

What a good role model L'il Sis is for Lady Grace...and for me.

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