Mirror Image

This, my dears, is that beautiful Caddo Maple seen through the double windows in my office.

Over 21 years ago, Husband and I bought the 1935 English Tudor home in which we now live.  Over these last twenty years we have made some much needed improvements...to the kitchen...the studio out back...the heat and air (BORING!)... 

but we waited until our boys were both off to college last August before renovating our bedroom, bath, closet...and what is now my office.  Our salon I tell my friends... because after
living with a master bath the size of a postage stamp, and closets not much larger, it does indeed feel quite grand to have a new master suite.

But back to my Caddo through the windows. 

While still in the renovation process, this is what that golden beauty looked like in October of last year.

Even on the dreariest of days, my office was as bright as if bathed in brilliant sunshine.

I knew then and there that as I decorated my work space,

I would have to have

on the opposing wall

a mirror image of my windows reflecting that golden leafed maple.

And while a reflection of this tree right now in August 

is all very nice...

can you imagine how magical it will be

when those golden leaves

are reflected off this mirror...sandwiching me in

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